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Recent M&A Deals (Selection)
Views:   Release time:2021-08-18 10:48

Ø  Rendering legal services to Kr Space and 36 Kr for its equity sales;

Ø  New Frontier Healthcare, 5th-9th rounds of equity financing (BVI);

Ø  New Frontier Group, PE investment from Shimao Group

Ø  Korean Investment Partners, angel round investment in a Sichuan pharmaceutical company

Ø  Topping Capital, equity investment in a Beijing automobile company

Ø  China Merchants Capital, equity investment in a Beijing pharmaceutical company

Ø  Greater Bay Area Fund, series C investment in a Shenzhen advanced materials company

Ø  Greater Bay Area Fund, equity investment in a Shenzhen electronics manufacturing company

Ø  Hong Kong investors, series C+ financing of SenseTime

Ø, investment through holding controlling stake into an overseas live streaming platform

Ø  Yinlong Engergy CO., LTD., investment in Eocell Limited, a Hong Kong new energy vehicle battery R & D company

Ø  Hillhouse Capital subsidiary platforms, M&A in various sectors (confidential)

Ø  Representing a top Chinese PE fund for its several equity investment/acquisition in health care industry

Ø  Huaxia Insurance equity investment platform, several equity investment projects

Ø  CITIC Capital International, investment in a Tianjin pharmaceutical company

Ø  Daily Yoga, series B financing by Orchid Asia

Ø  CCB International, investment in Launch Tech. Company Limited and several other listed/non-listed companies

Ø  ICBC International, equity investment in a Zhuhai new energy vehicle company

Ø  Beijing Ptmind Network Technology Co., Ltd., series B investment from HONGTAI APLUS (Cayman)

Ø  Yeah Mobi, an international leading digital service provider, series A investment from Xiaomi

Ø  Xingtang mini KTV, Series Pre-A funding by Vertex Ventures, Xianfeng Investment, Chuxin Capital and Prometheus Capital, Series A funding by MatrixPartners China, GSR Ventures, and Series A+ funding by DCM, IDG and Yunqi Parnters (Cayman)

Ø  Boxful, a Hong Kong comapny, Series B investment from Shimao Real Estate and Nan Fung Group (Cayman)

Ø  China Merchants Technology Holdings Company Limited, a proposed Series F investment in a Shanghai internet company (Cayman)

Ø  China Merchants Qihang Capital, investment in an outbound streaming project (Cayman)

Ø  JJWorld (Beijing) Network Technology Co.,LTD, equity investment in an Internet company in Philadelphia, U.S.A

Ø  Korean Investment Partners, Series A investment in Gump, a game company (Cayman)

Ø  Korean Investment Partners, Series D investment in Wemob (Cayman)

Ø  Representing a famous international PE fund in its investment in a couple of hospitals

Ø  Chang’an Hospital, more than 100 million USD investment from FountainVest Capital (Cayman)

Ø  GOSO, a cutting-edge lingerie brand, Series A investment from Xianfeng Investment  (confidential)

Ø  Representing a Guangzhou logistics & warehousing company for its Series B fund raising

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