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Recent M&A Deals in Education/Publishing Sector
Views:   Release time:2021-08-18 10:50

Ø  Representing Huaxia Insurance to acquire the minority shares of Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd.  Advising on the industry law and regulations, relevant legal issues, deal structure and running legal due diligence

Ø  Representing a world famous business school in establishing its Shanghai center

Ø  Representing Rong Xing Education Co. Ltd. on its several rounds of capital raising

Ø  Representing Rong Xing Education Co. Ltd. on its acquisition to the copyrights from Cottage Door Press

Ø  Representing Code Mao, a Chinese online programing education company, in it’s several rounds of fund raising and equity sales

Ø  Advising Shangdong Publishing Company, a top Chinese publishing company for its IPO and fund raising

Ø  Advising Hong Kong Education (Int'l), a leading provider of chained educational services in Hong Kong, on its finance loan to its mainland subsidiaries

Ø  Advising Hong Kong Education (Int'l) on its IP law issues

Ø  Advising Shaanxi Publishing & Media Group Co., Ltd. and Shannxi Xinhua Publishing Group for their restructuring and IPO


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