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Silkroad Law Firm Holds its First “Capital Market Salon”
Views:   Release time:2012-03-29 10:08

On March 3rd 2012, Silkroad held its first “Capital Market Salon” at City Gate, Xi'an. The theme of this salon is Industry Chain of International Capital Market and Legal Issues with Mr. Yang Haifeng being the speaker. Mr. Yang is a partner of Silkroad, He used to work in HK and has rich experience in international capital market and relevant legal services. Mr. Yang made a general introduction to the concept, main products and instruments, major participants, and industry chain of capital market. Afterwards, guests from government, companies and investment institutions exchanged their opinions and views on this subject.

Silkroad intends to hold this salon as a series activity. Silkroad will invite professionals from domestic and overseas investment banks, PE Funds, law firms and other agencies, local government officials and entrepreneurs to discuss the ways and prospect for Shaanxi enterprises to participate in capital market, fostering favorable atmosphere and guiding western institutions and enterprises to participate in domestic and overseas capital market in a more effective way. 

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