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Silkroad Advised Shaanxi Modern Energy Venture Capital Fund Co., Ltd. on its Establishment
Views:   Release time:2013-04-21 15:31

Shaanxi Modern Energy Venture Capital Fund Co., Ltd (the"Modern Energy"), with ¥280 million fund size, has completed with the industrial and commercial registration. Currently, it is applying for record in Shaanxi Development and Reform Commission.
Modern Energy is one of the three VC funds enrolled in the national emerging industry VC Fund program of Shaanxi province in 2011. Emerging industry VC fund project is initiated by industrial technology research and development and other special fund from central government finance, local government, and social capital or capital increase.
Venture capital fund for new industries investment plan equity investment fund refers to the existing venture capital fund which is jointly initiated and established by the central finance from special funds such as industrial technology research and development fund, as well as local government funds and social capital, or participated through capital increase.
Modern Energy is jointly established by Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd., Infotech Pacific Ventures Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Financial Holding Group Co., Ltd., Xi'an High-tech Risk Investment Co., Ltd. and Xi'an TuoJin Investment Management Partnership Enterprise (a Limited Partnership).
Silkroad provided legal services to Modern Energy on its establishment.

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