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Silkroad Advised Hong Kong-Listed Company DTXS on Strategic Acquisition
Views:   Release time:2018-06-21 10:08


DTXS Silk Road Investment Holdings Company Limited (stock code: 00620, hereinafter the "Listed Company") has recently completed its acquisition of China King Sing Lun Fung Auction Holdings Company Limited (hereinafter the "Target Company"). The total consideration of the acquisition was 250 million RMB and it will be paid in form of cash and shares issued by the Listed Company. The Target Company is an investment holding company incorporated pursuant the BVI laws, engaged in collectibles and art auction in PRC under its wholly-owned subsidiaries and construction arrangements. Collectibles and art auction will develop into a significant section of the Listed Company’s business.
Silkroad Law Firm (hereinafter "Silkroad") has been retained by the Listed Company as its PRC legal advisor in this acquisition providing the overall legal services to the Listed Company.
Following the establishment of Shenzhen office, Silkroad has been equipped with better team support in relation to Hong Kong capital market practice. Recently, Silkroad dedicated itself to expanding more business of HK listed company transaction under Chapter 14 of Hong Kong Listing Rules and other PRC law. Silkroad's Hong Kong capital market services enjoy significant advantages thanks to its rich experience in Hong Kong capital market and competitive fee quote due to its cost structure.

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