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Silkroad has provided legal services to a number of major domestic real estate companies in land acquisition and transfer, real estate development and construction, sales and circulation, management (lease, property management, etc.), financing and taxation, reconstruction of old city, squatter settlement and urban village, and dispute resolution involving real estate. Our services in the real estate area cover all its processes from land acquisition to real estate dispute resolution.

Representative Cases

• a squatter settlement reconstruction project of a Shaanxi real estate company and a Xi'an state-owned company;

• an unban village reconstruction project in Xi'an Economic & Technological Development Zone of a group;

• a real estate share transfer project of a electronic industry company;

• an equity merger and acquisition project of a Xi'an real estate company and another real estate company;

• a first-class housing market development & cooperation project between a real estate company and the government of a district;

• a reconstruction poject in Xi'an by a Shaanxi real estate company;

a real estate project by a Shaanxi real estate company affiliated to a major group;

a series of commercial housing sales contract claims by a Xi'an real estate company against dozens of customers;

a project payment claim involving 120 million RMB by a construction company against an education company.

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