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Silkroad provides corporate compliance services to state-owned and private companies in fields of real estate, financing, film and television, education, Internet, etc. spreading in Northwest China and major cities including Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. Our cope of services includes formulating policies, advising on labor and personnel, resolving disputes, issuing legal opinions, delivering memos, drafting and reviewing articles of association, contracts, share purchase agreement and other legal documents, participating in project negotiation and deliveries preparation as requested, training and agent ad litem.

Representative Cases

Recent clients including:

• a major bank's Xi'an branch

• a Beijing theatre company

a Shaanxi network company

a Shanghai major steel company's Xi'an branch

a Xi'an high-tech development zone real estate development company

a Xi'an biochemistry company

a Shaanxi biotechnology company

a Shaanxi electric instrument company

a Xi'an technology company

a Beijing printing company

a Beijing network technology company

a Beijing Internet information technology company

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