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Dispute resolution is one of Silkroad's core services. Silkroad represents domestic and foreign enterprises and individuals in litigation and arbitration. In providing service of dispute resolution, Silkroad is team-oriented and stresses coordination between lawyers with an end to provide clients comprehensive services. Our dispute resolution team is comprised of nearly 20 senior associates with years of experience in dispute resolution and outstanding young associates. Our services in this scope cover a wide range of fields, including real estate, construction, intellectual property, international trade, corporate bankruptcy and liquidation, and criminal defense, many of which are representative in cases of the same type.

Representative Cases

representing a Xi'an real estate company in a successful fire engineering contract payment lawsuit brought up by a Xi'an electromechanical technology company

representing a Xi'an real estate company in dozens of successful commercial housing sales contract lawsuits against purchasers

representing a Xi'an real estate company in first and second instances of its commercial housing subscription contract claims

representing a Xi'an real estate company in first instance and execution of its  recourse claim for overdue loan

representing a Xi'an real estate company in a commercial housing sales contract lawsuit, resulting in dismissal

representing a Shaanxi construction company in a successful construction contract lawsuit involving RMB 12 million against Xijing University

representing a Xi'an industrial company in a class action resulting in settlement by mediation

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