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  • Intern
    Release time:2018-07-24
    Education:Bachelor degree or above
    wWork place:Xi'an, Beijing, Shenzhen

    1. Law major, graduate degree is preferred, and has solid legal theory and writing skills;
    2. Passing the legal qualification examination is preferred;
    3. Responsible, careful, and steadfast, able to adapt to the rhythm of the law firm;
    4. a week of attendance of no less than 3 days, flexible time arrangements.

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  • Lawyer assistant
    Release time:2018-07-06
    Education:Bachelor degree or above
    wWork place:Xi'an, Beijing, Shenzhen

    1. Passing the national legal professional qualification examination, the legal knowledge is solid, and has strong language and writing ability;
    2. Positive work attitude, meticulous and rigorous, strong sense of responsibility, good communication and coordination skills and team spirit;
    3. Full-time undergraduate degree or above in law school.

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