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Silkroad Law Firm is headquartered in Xi'an City of Shaanxi Province and has offices in Beijing and Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, which enables us to provide extensive legal services nationwide particularly in the mid-west China. Our strategy is to develop our professional teams in Xi'an (and Chengdu in future) to support our offices in Beijing, Shenzhen as well as our business across China , by leveraging high-end talent resources in western China to provide high quality and cost-effective legal services to local, national and overseas clients.     

Benefited from Xi'an's significantly lower resources costs than the national central cities, we are able to maintain a very competitive fee policy.  For lawyers of the same seniority, our rate is roughly 70% of leading Chinese law firms.


Having gained our remarkable reputation locally, we are now widely serving not only domestic clients from China's developed regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen but also overseas clients from the US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Legal services provided to clients outside the local market have been becoming a dominant part of our business.     

The success of our strategy relies on our high quality professional team. Most of our partners have worked for well-known international law firms before joining Silkroad. We have lawyers of international background and long-term practicing experience in well-known law firms both domestic and overseas. Specifically, the majority of our practitioners have strong academic background from prestigious universities, like Columbia University, Northwestern University, UCLA, Peking University, RUC, etc., and long-term practicing experience in Hong Kong, Paris, Beijing and Shanghai. At Silkroad, our professionals can provide legal services in English, French, Japanese and Korean. Among our professionals, three lawyers are admitted in New York State of the US and one in Hong Kong. All these high-profile talents are connect with our headquarter city and are keen to stay here. Silkroad has thus become an ideal working platform for them which in return provide for a stable high-end talent pool to us.

As recgnition to our innovative strategy,Silkroad has won a number of awards in the industry, including “China Business Law Journal Awards for Asset Management 2022”“2022 ALB China Fastest Growing Firm” , “2022 ALB China West Region Law Firm” , "ALB China Firms to Watch"and by Asian Legal Business (ALB) in 2016 and 2018 respectively and was nominated by ALB as "2020 Rising Law Firm of the Year" and "2019 Rising Law Firm of the Year" . The leading global journal Forum of the Thomson Reuters has published an article Ancient City, New Law——China's Silkroad Law Firm Takes A New Path, specifically introducing our innovative business model from the perspective of global legal service market.


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