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Silkroad is experienced in dealing with the complicated systems in PE Investment practices and agreements and optimizing our clients’ interest. 

Representative Cases

• an international asset management company in its investment in a mining company in the form of convertible bonds;

CCB International and Credit Suisse in their investment in an company listed in Hong Kong;

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Asia in investing in a real estate investment company;

• a strategic investment company in investing in a restaurant chain;

Reed Elsevier Ventures 2006 Partnership L.P. in investing in an online content provider for academic journals;

an international asset management company in investing in Mingyang Group;

a Hong Kong capital in investing in an education group;

a Hong Kong capital in its capital withdrawal from a coal & chemical company in Shanxi Province;

an asset management company in investing in a recycling energy corporation (Shaanxi Province).

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